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This Bosch Dishwasher page was created to make your search for the perfect dishwasher at the best price easier.


Bosch Dishwashers are nice looking, sturdy and well rated by customers, so you are making a good choice with Bosch. In order to help you in your search, I am giving you three dishwasher reviews on three different Bosch models, along with a user comment on each.

Let's start with the least expensive dishwasher model that I will review first:

Bosch Dishwashers: Ascentra Full Console Stainless Steel

This is a great dishwasher that gives you six wash cycles for plenty of versatility. Whether you have a small batch of dishes from a small breakfast party or large batch from a family dinner, this dishwasher will do it.

It includes two coated racks that will not rust not chip your dishes or glasses along with a convenient 24-hour delay start setting. This dishwasher's silence rating is very good at 50 DBA.

Listen to what this user has to say about her experience with this appliance:

"We've had this one for about 4 months and love it. The best part is that it just gets the dishes clean. We don't pre-rinse. We just load it up and run it when it's full...I think this model is a huge bargain for the price."

Sounds good...and you can pick this Bosch-built dishwasher up for around $625 online.

Bosch Integra 500 Series Dishwashers

These are quiet and sleek looking dishwashers with very nice features. They have the coveted stainless steel interior. Like the one above, this dishwasher is quiet enough to speak softly while it is running and still be heard. No more cranking the television up so you can hear it when the dishwasher is running.

These Bosch dishwashers have adjustable dish racks and energy-saving features, which is really important in this day of high utility bills. It even has its own "flow-through" water heater so you will have hot water on your dishes immediately.

Here's what this happy user had to say:

"We bought this Bosch model about 6 months ago and absolutely love it...You absolutely have to use the right detergent and the Jet Dry or Finish agent, but when you do, the dishes come out sparkling..." 

And you can get this one for around $846 on the web.

Bosch Evolution Full console Dishwasher

This Dishwasher does pretty much what the ones above do, and it also has the "child-lock latch" that prevents children from opening the dishwasher door.

I wanted to include this one so you can see what this user had to say about it before making your decision:

"We bought this dishwasher a month ago, and are generally pleased with it. It washes the dishes well, and is sufficiently adjustable to take tall items in either shelf. It is extremely quiet...Our major complaint is that the tines that separate and support the dishes aren't well suited for our dishes. They all slant, and they are fairly close together, so putting in glasses or mugs or pitchers is difficult..."

This is still a nice dishwasher, but you will pay a little more for it than the ones above. It goes for around $688, depending on where you buy it. The best deals are usually online.

I hope this page has helped you in your search for the best Bosch Dish Washers for your kitchen and needs.

Happy Shopping!

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